Business Intelligence

The remote server management & data access supports collaboration between offices and across the globe.

Custom Applications

Strategy and roadmap, based on business goals and objectives, that addresses applications, processes and operations.

Mobile Development

End-To-End Mobile business solutions designed to address both enterprise and customer-related challenges.


Consulting Services thats helps Clients from strategy and architecture to security and infrastructure.

What We Can Do for you

Business Intelligence

Mindware offers a complete suite of Business Intelligence solutions to deploy a data warehouse in a cloud environment. Our easy-to-use cloud interface delivers cost savings, high performance and scalability.

Mobile Applications

Mindware provides mobile development services with cutting edge technologies to create mobile software solutions for such platforms as iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android.

Enterprise Application Integration

Ever-growing demand for Internet/Intranet software solutions is driven by rapidly changing market conditions and technology progress. Mindware’s expert team has taken part in dozens of application integration projects.

Interactive Electronic Training Manuals

Increased demand on enhanced web-users experience together with interactive software development evolved into appearance of Rich Internet Applications. We provide Interactive Electronic Training Manuals for this.

About us


At Mindware, we combine technological and industry expertise to make it one of the leading software development companies globally. We begin a project by working closely with your business experts to ensure that we understand your business problems and goals clearly. We also recognize that business priorities and approaches may change over time, requiring a flexible approach to application design and development. Our skilled consultants have proven their ability to work in changing and uncertain environments.

Since the company’s inception, recognition has come from clients in the most competitive regional and international markets as well as in markets where contracting international partners to automate services is a newer practice. The Mindware methodology has been put into practice to ensure that every project starts with a well-defined course of action.

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Our mission

Mindware is well equipped with most advanced technologies, well structured methodologies, documented coding standards, and established proven processes for large scale, and complex software development and systems integration are all available.Customer training is also critical as the process of enabling clients to harness the power of software applications. Whether providing services on site or at its own training facilities, Mindware strives to be responsive to the particular needs of each client.
The Mindware Development Methodology is an approach to the entire SDLC that has been derived from ‘best practices’ over a number of years. It is flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of situations. Our vision is to constantly strive to meet and exceed our client needs, be a profitable provider of high quality software solutions & services and provide a creative and rewarding work environment for our employees. Every member of the Mindware team is engaged in ensuring that the company provides services at a level of quality on par with the most exacting international standards.
Software professionals at Mindware work with latest technologies at a facility capable of housing twice as many engineers. Mindware recruits its staff from the country’s vast pool of computer science graduates.The selection of each business line has entailed extensive investment in human capital to ensure that Mindware’s engineers are experts in the tools and the nature of the business the software serves.